IX Eyes Fell Upon the Sacred, Religions and Movies International Festival

Religion and Diversity: Preserving the Planet

In 2013 the screening rooms of MIS ( Museu da imagem e do Som ) and CCSP ( Centro Cultural São Paulo ) received 03th until 08th of December, titles from different countries on various religious events - and their rituals, celebrations, symbols, representativeness.

Films from Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Czech Republic, United States, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Palestine, Spain, Bolivia, Poland, Serbia and Ireland were displayed .

Contemplate this religions traditions: Islam, Catholicism, Popular Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, Candomble, Protestant, secular Judaism, Orthodox Judaism .

With the theme " Religion and Diversity : Preserving the Planet " approach as the various traditions and denominations on the relationship with nature and the preservation of the environment .

In the first lecture, after viewing the film " Faith " (1996), a classic in the documentation of the religious diversity of Brazil, had a conversation with director Ricardo Dias on how religions have changed since the time of the film.

In the second lecture, entitled " Nature, ancestors and deities in Candomble " after filmography about these traditions, had the presence of Reginaldo Prandi Sociologist, retired from FFLCH USP, dealing with the various cults of Candomble and its relationship with the spirits of Nature and ancestors .

The last lecture, " Tendrel, the interdependence between man and Nature in Tibetan Buddhism," closed the Festival 8th at MIS, with Tibetan Buddhist monk Daniel Calmanovitz, instructor of meditation and Buddhist philosophy, a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Dharma peace and CEO of Ganchen Lama Foundation for a Culture of peace and Rebecca Sharp ( Master of Buddhist Philosophy by Sunderland University, UK ), with the mediation of the curator Cesar Sartorelli .

36 films short, medium and long were presented.

The Festival has produced by Mamute Filmes.