04 / 12 ( Wednesday ) 20.30 at MIS

Lecture with film director Ricardo Dias

This conversation opening 9a . The Eyes fell upon the Sacred , after viewing the film Fé (Faith), we have a chat with its director Ricardo Dias treating the specificity of making documentaries about religion.

06 / 12 ( Friday ) at 20.30 CCSP

Nature, ancestors and Candomble Orishas
Speaker: Reginaldo Prandi (FFCLH USP)

Given the theme of 2013 , "Religion and Diversity: the preservation of the planet", we have a leading authority on african - Brazilian religions, the sociologist retired from USP Reginaldo Prandi. The showing lecture it is through the various forms of the cult of Candomble as if the relationship between this religions with Nature and its preservation.

09 / 12 ( Sunday) 19h at MIS

Tendrel, the interdependence between man and Nature Buddhism in Tibet. Speakers: Daniel Monk Calmanowitz and Rebecca Sharp

The closing lecture of the 9th looks resumes his theme before approached from the perspective of Candomble, now under the vision of Tibetan Buddhism.

The speakers will be the Tibetan Buddhist monk Daniel Calmanovitz , instructor of meditation and Buddhist philosophy , a member of the Consulting Council of the Peace Dharma Center and CEO of Ganchen Lama Culture of Peace Foundation and Rebecca Sharp ( Master of Buddhist Philosophy by Sunderland University , England ) , with the mediation of the curator Cesar Sartorelli , all present in Amazonia’s travel, documented by films presented previously.

In the Buddhist worldview humanity's relationship with the Environment always succeed through the concept of interdependence of all things , called Tendrel .  Other Buddhist concept is the relationship between internal and external environment, through the Tantra teachings called Kalachackra.

The trips documented times that this worldview was experienced through the practice of meditation to achieve specific healing through the external and " internal " environments , which will be further clarified in the lecture.