Rules regarding the performance of your film on the
10th Eyes fell upon the Sacred - Movies and Religions International Festival

The Eyes fell upon the Sacred - Movies and Religions International Festival accepts films of fiction, documentary and fiction-documentary. Send your work in film, beta cam or DVD.

We are interested in films explicit in religion themes as well as those which have a critical viewpoint on the many aspects of religion, always with respect and not dogmatic approach.

We are interested in views that are new, without prejudices and that illuminate the complex aspects in which religions manifest. 

Required conditions to participate in the Festival

  1. Short, medium-length and feature films in fiction, documentary and fiction-documentary.
  2. Short films finished in Beta, DVCam, Mini Dv and film, minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 20 minutes in video or 35 minutes in film.
  3. Medium-length finished in Beta, DVCam, MiniDV and film, maximum of 70 minutes.
  4. Feature film finished in Beta, DVCam, Mini DV and film, maximum of 180 minutes.
  5. The film must not necessarily be at its first public performance.
  6. The film should preferably refer directly or indirectly to the subject of the 10th Festival:  “Religion and Art: past and present”.
  7. The copies of films sent to participate in the 10ª Festival will not be returned to the sender.
  8. The directors of the chosen films will be contacted beforehand and informed that their films have been included in the program of the Festival.
  9. The exhibition of the chosen films in the Festival is exempted of payment in money for neither directors nor producers of the films exhibited.


1) Fill the form and send by mail for

2) Send a copy of the form with a copy of your film to:

a/c César Sartorelli - Olhares Sobre o Sagrado
Rua Ministro Gastão Mesquita, 769 Apto 44 – Vila Pompeia
CEP: 05012-010 – São Paulo/SP

3) You could send the movie copy by Internet transfer if you prefer.

4) The copy must be seeing without English subtitles or with English subtitles.
5) Also sent a document with the subtitles in English with time code, 10 movie˙s pictures (high-resolution, more then 300 pixels) and release about the film and cast.

6) The deadline is the post office stamp and Internet transfer until  31th december, 2014.

Organization and Selection

A jury selective at Festival composed by curator and two guests, being the curator final opinion. Together with artistic criteria determined exclusively by the Festival organization, the criteria of direct or indirectly reference to the topic “Religion and Art: past and present” is used.

Places and dates of exhibitions

The Festival will be held between september and october 2015 at a screening room to be defined.