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The eyes fell upon the Sacred

1th International Art and Religion Festival
10th Movies and Religion Festival

September and  October 2015
Religion and Art: past and present

The Eyes fell upon the Sacred International Religion and Film Festival, was established in 2003 by its curator Augusto César Sartorelli, Master of Science in Religion at PUC São Paulo (Sao Paulo Catholic University).

Concerning all religious manifestations, without prejudice or restrictions, recognizing the role they have in creating paradigms, ideas , beliefs and moral values ​​, which influence attitudes and actions that are far beyond the strictly religious world .

The Religions change over time like rivers, and in our tenth edition, the Festivak will expand and becomes a Festival of Art and Religion, besides covering the audiovisual will include other manifestations of Art and Religion.

The theme of the Film Festival will be "Art and Religion: Past and Present.".

We intend to show the connections between artistic manifestations of men with religions, since the rock caves to the myriad of representations in the various religious denominations in the world today.

Movies enrollments are open at this site.

We apologize to subscribers this year, but due to problems in raising sponsorship, because of the political year and the World Cup in Brazil, we postpone our 10th edition to next year 2015. We will be receiving applications until December 31 this year, and will announce selected inscribed at  this site on March 23, 2015 Thanks for your participation.

Thanks for yours admissions.

Curatorship and Coordination: César Augusto Sartorelli

Realization and production: Mamute Filmes

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