Marc Dourdin / Brasil / 2011
Documentário / Digital, 5 min

Synopses: The short film "Transition" shows a day in Itha Rocha's life, that is hired to cry at funerals of people that she doesn't even know. She helps the dead in their transition between life and death. Her relation with death, with the dead's family are some of the things explored in the movie.

Film Credits:
Production: Marc Dourdin e Sérgio kieling
Director: Marc Dourdin
Production Executive: Sérgio kieling
Screenplay: Amanda Ferreira
Cinematography: Flávio Murilo
Editor: Tiago Berti
Sound: Márcio Farah
SoundTrack: Mauricio Domene
Cast: Itha Rocha
General Assistant: Tiago Gomes
Production Assistant: Gabriela Jardim
Trainee: Lucas Vilaça

About the Director: Franco Brazilian, 34 years old, graduated in Advertising at PUC-SP. Works in the cinema since 2002. With the documentary films' Trasition'and "Futebol de Várzea' participated in various festivals throughout Brazil and the world.