Marcelo Candia the kindest man in Brazil


Carlo de Biase / 2008
Itália / Documentário, 18 min

Documentary about the Milanese industrial Marcelo Candia, who died in 1983, he sold everything he had to perform social work in the Brazilian Amazon. Created the Hospital São Camilo, Amapá, entrusting it later to Camillians doctors priests. After that, start living in a leper colony in Marituba, sharing your life with leprosy, touring Europe to raise funds for his lepers. Is in the process of canonization by the Catholic Church.

Ficha Técnica:
Director: Carlo de Biase
Edition: Giacomo de Biase

About the directors:

Carlo De Biase: Diploma from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia,director and functionary for the Cultural and Religious Programming Division of RAIUNO. For DEBIASE VIDEO ongoing experience as television writer.

Paola Corneli De Biase: A student of of theology and journalist, she designs and conducts Cultural Programmes for VATICAN RADIO. Working with her husband, she is producer, scriptwriter and interviewer for documentaries and investigative journalism.