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João Velho / 2010 / Brasil
Documentário / 35mm, 16 min

The film shows the clash between tradition and innovation in a globalized Candomblé, which rescues information, customs and ritual from Africa and Cuba.

About the director: João Velho is graduated in Cinema and had master degree in Design. Works with direction, editing, visual effects and e videographism for film and digital video. He is the author of a book about desktop video and university professor. In 2011 created the blog www.videoguru.com.br e about professional digital video, where he works as chief editor and contributor. With nearly 30 years of priesthood, he is starts as ogã Candomble and worship of Ifá.

Main works of the director in Film and TV: Curta-metragem de ficção para cinema digital "Toca Pra Diabo" - Casa Cinco - 2013 (15'); Curta-metragem 35mm "iCandomblé" - Plural Filmes - 2010 (16'); Documentário para TV "Geração Cara Pintada" (52') - TV SBT - 1992; Documentário para TV "Quadrinhos Adultos" (52') - TV Manchete - 1991; Documentário para TV "Revolução dos Gibis" (52') - TVE- RJ - 1990; Curta-metragem 35mm "A Última Canção do Beco" (15') - Artenova - 1985; Curta- metragem 35mm "A Balada das Dez Bailarinas do Casino" (15') - Artenova - 1985.