Even further on: at the heart of Mongolia (Sempre Piu' in LA': Al cuore della Mongolia)


Carlo e Paloa de Biase / Itália / 2011
Documentário / 25 min

Synopsis: "EVEN FURTHER ON: at the heart of Mongolia" is a reportage about the very interesting experience of missionaries in a little Mongolian town, Arvaikheerf, where their work and their experience of dialogue is very difficult. For the missionaries the "trip" is not easy yet enriching, because in the steppes silence live with shamanistic and buddhist traditions.

Film Credits

Director: Carlo e Paola De Biase  
Editing: Giacomo De Biase
Original Music: Roberto Anselmi
Production: Consolata Missionary Fathers, Brothers and Sisters

About the directors:

Carlo De Biase: Diploma from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, director and functionary for the Cultural and Religious Programming Division of RAIUNO. For DEBIASE VIDEO on going experience as television writer.

Paola Corneli De Biase: A student of of theology and journalist, she designs and conducts Cultural Programmes for VATICAN RADIO. Working with her husband, she is producer, scriptwriter and interviewer for documentaries and investigative journalism .