May I Enter

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Kostana Banović / Brasil / 2010
Documentário / Digital, 57min

Synopsis: Filmmaker and visual artist Koštana Banović travels to an island off the coast of Bahia (Brazil) and became acquainted with the local Candomblé community.

Film Credits:
Director: Koštana Banović
Producer: Koštana Banović
Photography: Koštana Banović, Stef Tijdink, Temra Pavlović, Bernd Lichtenberg,
Set Sound: Cees van der Knaap, Stefan Pavlović
Sound Design: Bart Jilesen
Editing: Arturo Escalante

About the Director: Koštana Banović is art practitioner and filmmaker. The work of Banović balances on the boundary of anthropology and art; focuses on the relation between Self and Other and on ritual, which she believes is a territory where we (try to) communicate. Taking part in and researching ritual as a means of getting in touch with oneself and others is a recurring element in her work. In the course of the film she adopts different positions simultaneously - the (Western) women, the filmmaker-anthropologist researching the (exotic) Other. Her work is often compared to the modern visual anthropology.