Communities in a new Light


Avital Merkler / 2013 / Israel; Itália
Documentário / 30 min

Synopsis: Communities in a New Light, follows 7 Jewish communities around the world, in 7 episodes, offering a unique glance on the meaning of "being Jewish" today. The Jewish community of Turin, Italy is disappearing. Assimilation, a low birth rate and immigration to Israel are some of the causes for the shrinking of the Jewish community, and this film presents the valiant struggle being waged by Turin's Jews to keep the community alive and thriving, with all the formidable challenges of maintaining a Jewish school. And there's the food of course - a Jewish bakery with a special story.

Film Credits:
Israel 2013, Documentary series, 7 Episodes (30 min)
Producer and Creator: Moshe Alafi
Executive Producer: Guy Broza
Production: Alafim Productions