Ceferino Namuncurá, el camino a la santidade

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Roberto Reppel Toubel / Argentina / 2009
Documentary / Digital, 85 min

The young Mapuche, Ceferino Namuncurá, travels to Buenos Aires for the purpose of study and return to Patagonia to be useful to people. But dies in Italy at age 18. His remains were returned to their families after 95 years and during that time thousands of people attribute miraculous cures.

Film Credits:
Direction and Screenplay: Roberto Reppel Toubel
Producer: Edgardo Pabano, Roberto Reppel Toubel
Executive Producer: Edgardo Pabano
Photography: Roberto Reppel Toubel
Sound: Leonardo Carvi, Eduardo Sanchez, Sebastian González
Editors: Edgardo Pabano, Roberto Reppel Toubel
Original Music: Aldy Balestra
Production Companies: 1127 Films & Reppel Toubel Producciones

About the Director: Roberto Reppel Toubel

With 30 years of experience, three times won Martín Fierro Award for the direction of the "Hand in Hand with the Field." He has worked as a cameraman, director and producer for major Argentina TV channels, independent documentaries and several films. He teaches filmmaking career at the School Contemporary Film.

Participated in productions for ATC, Kaos, Patagonik Film Group, Digiart, Ark. 

Dissemination, Hyperkinesis, Channel 21 of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, etc.

Among the directors he worked with include: Luis Barone, Favio Landriscina, Mausi Martínez, Eduardo Sanchez, Rodolfo Pochat.