Before the end of the world


Hebert Gondo e Sabrina Marostica / 2012 / Brasil
Documentário / Digital, 71 min.

Synopsis: Lately we talked a lot about 2012, as an end of the world or as a beginning of new era. But this is for those who follow the Mayan Calendar. What about other religions? Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus. Judaism awaits the appearance of the Messiah. Hindus have the concept of Yugas change with the coming of the Kalki avatar. Buddhists believe in the coming of Maitreya Bodhisattva. And science, atheists and environmentalists, who believe in? The film wants to address these and many other purposes for the world and its many points of view. This documentary aims to present different perspectives on the "end of the world" and relate possible relationships between them.

Film Credits:
Directors: Sabrina Marostica e Hebert Gondo
Screenplay: Sabrina Marostica
Cinematography: Herbert Gondo
Mountig: Rodrigo Rapp
Music: Andre Abujamra
Productors: Aggnes Franco, Sabrina Marostica
Production: Marginal Filmes

About the directors:

Sabrina Marostica
She works as a Producer and specializes in documentary filmmaking. Produced the documentary film "O Aborto dos Outros" (2008), directed by Carla Gallo, and documentaries for TV Cultura. Attended the casting team of Linha de Passe (2007), with Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas. Produced the program "Escola 2.0" in TV Cultura in 2010. Before the End of the World is her first feature film as Director.

Hebert Gondo
Studied media at Universidade Estadual Paulista. Works with TV shows and documentaries. Among his works as a Producer, are programs as Ecoprático and Escola 2.0, both in TV Cultura, the telefilm "Uns Braços", TV Record, and the documentary "À Margem do Lixo" of Evaldo Mocarzel (2008, 33th Mostra). Antes do Fim do Mundo is his first feature film as Director.