Where is the Heaven

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Fatemeh Ghadiri / 2013 / Afeganistão
13 min.

Synopsis: After his mother and sister were killed in war, Khalil, an Afghani boy, escapes and takes shelter in a remote and abandoned graveyard. Once alone, he meets a NATO sniper who has been shot. After spending a night together, they come to a new insight toward war and life.

Film Credits:
Direction: Fatemeh Ghadiri
Script: Kashef Azar, Mohsen Jasour
Direção de Cinematography: Mohammad Rasouli
Production Designer: Siyamak Kashef Azar

About the director: Fatemeh Ghadiri Nezhadian was born 1969, in Tehran, Iran. She received a Masters degree in General Psychology. Currently, she is the head of Qabe- Aseman Film & Art Production Institute.