The Circle Within (Içimdeki Çember)


Deniz Çinar / Turquia / 2013
Drama / 72 min

Synopsis: Ceci, a senior, who works as a salesman in eastern Turkey's Kurds and the adpto yazidismo. The yazidismo is a religion that grants the title of world's oldest. In the film, he finds himself stuck in the role curious Yazidi belief in magic circle. The surprising outcome shows the difficulties that minority coexisting with the majority Islamic country.

Film Credits:
Director: Deniz Çinar
Screenplay: Deniz Çinar
Cast: Fırat Çınar, Coskum Çetinalp, Kadir Vurguncu, Fadime Vurguncu

About the Director: Deniz Çinar was born in 1979. He is from Giresun city, Turkey. He graduated from the Faculty of Communication Gazi University (Ankara)