The Bare-foot Leader

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Ms. Zohreh Zamani / Iran / 2011
Documentário / Digital, 27 min

Synopsis: The Bare-Foot leader is a documentary about a clergyman (Ayat ullah Najafi). This movie pays attention to historical and socio-political reasons that forced him to immigrate to Iran from his mother-land and where he would remain until his death. Leading a life of divestiture of possessions, fought for the rights of the poor, with many miracles attributed to him and remaining object of worship today.

Film Credits:
Director: Ms. Zohreh Zamani
Research and Script: Farzam Amin Sal
Producer: Farzad Sadeghi

About the director: Zohreh Zamani was born in January 31, 1970 in Bandar - Anzali, Iran and started her film activities with the Iranian Young Cinema Society- IYCS since 2000. Presently she is involved in making some short and documentary films and also at the moment she is also involved in writing Screenplay, short stories and translating books from Turkish into Persian. She has participated in film direction course from IYCS in Bandar Anzali, Iran.