Roderick Steel / 2011 / Brasil / Documentário
Digital, 46 min.

Synopsis: "Reflection" tells the story of Zú, a High Priest at an Egungun temple who summons spirits that manipulate the perceptual world as it is experienced daily; playing upon, embellishing and transforming reality. Made over a 10-year period, the film explores Zú’s motives, his past and the insightful, ethically-driven world he has painstakingly created in his backyard.

Film Credits:
Director: Roderick Steel
Photograph: Roderick Steel
Editor: Roderick Steel
Cast: Ojé Otunkwekwe

About the director: Aged 21, fresh out of film school at Boston University, Roderick worked on documentaries at WGBH-Boston, then Channel 4 and Tapiri productions in São Paulo. Throughout the last 15 years, Roderick has exhibited his paintings, photos and installations extensively. Recently, his artist’s videos have been exhibited in art & film festivals in Brazil and abroad and he recently won Best Brazilian Video at the 2010 Festival.