Alessandro Negrini / Irlanda do Norte
Documentário / Digital, 60 min.

Synopsis: Northern Ireland: there are plenty of ghettos around the world, all of them with their own injustice, each of them living on its knees. There is one ghetto condemned to something even worse: it has forgotten its music. It’s The Fountain, in the heart of the city: once a vibrant community, where people used to dance together despite religious differences, now a disappearing Protestant neighborhood killed by fear and politics and turned into an open air prison, now living behind a fence.

Film Credits:
Director: Alessandro Negrini
Producer: Margo Harkin,
Director of Photography: Odd Geir Saether

About the director: Alessando Negrini is an award winning Italian film Director and poet. Born in Turin, he defines himself as a Film Director by mistake. He spent much of the late 1990s travelling Europe writing and in 2001 he moved to Northern Ireland. His documentaries and short films have garnered a remarkable international raft of awards in festivals around the world. His most acclaimed work has dealt with social exclusion and resistance. His works combine documentaries, fiction and poetry. His last documentary 'Paradiso' was commissioned by BBC and has won 15 international awards.