God by the Neck (Dios por el Cuello)

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José Trigueiros / Espanha / 2013
Ficção / Digital, 16 min

It's Sunday, and Pablo, 8 years old, has an invitation to a very special but also forbidden birthday party. It's Sunday, and for the first time, Pablo is going on a door-to-door preaching with his mother. It's Sunday, and behind each door, there is a challenge, a test, a surprise. It's Sunday.

Film Credits:
Screenplay and Direction​: José Trigueiros
Original Music: Roger Blasco, Isaac Hachuel, Nolasc Riba
Cinematography: Eduardo San Martin
Art Direction: Erika Centellas​
Production Direction: Bernardo Gómez

About de director: After finishing his studies in Art Studies at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, José Trigueiros decided to move to Barcelona, where he would dedicate himself to his two passions: literature and cinema. He graduated from an Filmmaking Master’s degree at ESCAC and directed his first short film, "God by the Neck", produced by ESCÁNDALO FILMS.