From A to B and Back again


Andy Glynne / United Kingdom / 2012
Animation / Digital , 5 min 32 seg

Synopsis: Rachel, a young child, escaped her country of origin having suffered years of persecution because of her religion. After settling in to life in the UK, Rachel describes how she was suddenly taken to a detention centre, as she and her family were told they had to return to their country.

Film Credits:
Director: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Salvador Maldonado
Illustration and Design: Tom Clohosy Cole, Tine Mette Jespersen
Character Design: Alexander Belbari, Simon Swales
2D hand drawn Animation: Simon Swales
Animation and Compositing: Salvador Maldonad, Federico Parodi, Warren Chapman and Peque Varela
Production Assistant: Sarah Vaughan, Jack Rubenstein and Marie Yap

About the director: Andy Glynne is a Director, Producer and author. He is currently Managing Director of Mosaic Films, and is the Founding CEO of the Documentary Filmmakers Group - the UK’s national documentary organisation. He is the former CEO of One World Media, the UK’s charity to support the coverage of the developing world in UK Media.