The Anthropologist

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Zeca Nunes / Brasil / 2010
Drama / Digital, 90 min

Synopsis: Maria de Lourdes Gomes Azevedo Ramos realizes at Costa da Lagoa, azorean stronghold on the island of Santa Catarina, her doctoral research in the field of ethnobotany. Her coming to Costa da Lagoa is not merely a milestone in your academic career, but a series of emotional challenges that puts the protagonist in the limit between reason and imagination.

Film Credits:
Director: Zeca Nunes Pires
Cast: Eduardo Bolina, Jaqueline Sperandio, Larissa Bracher, Luigi Cutolo, Paula Petrella, Pedro Paulo Pitta, Rafaela Rocha de Barcelos, Ricardo Von Busse, Sandra Ouriques, Severo Cruz
Producer: Guel Cáceres, Zeca Nunes Pires
Screenplay: Tânia Lamarca e Sandra Nebelung
Cinematography: Charles Cesconetto
Production Designer: Cristiano Amaral
Soundtrack: Silvia Beraldo
Edition: Giba Assis Brasil

About the diretor: Son of poet and educator Aníbal Nunes Pires, José Henrique Nunes Pires, also known as Zeca Nunes, graduated in Business Administration and Journalism and a Masters degree in History and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at UFSC. Directed several documentaries and short fiction films, always portraying aspects of the culture of Santa Catarina, especially the inhabitants of the island of Florianópolis. Cultural activist in his State, Zeca was one of the creators of the Cinematheque from Santa Catarina, from the Municipal Cinema, and the Course of Film and Video at Unisul. From 1996 to 2000 he was Director of the Department of Cultural Artístic at UFSC.