Ron Ofer / 2009 / Israel / Documentário
Digital, 50 min.

Synopsis: is a rare journey to the heart of ultra-Orthodox community in Israel. The movie tells the story of two Jews with very different thoughts about the importance of the Internet for Orthodox Jews.

Film Credits:
Direction: Ron Ofer, Yohai Hakak
Cinematography: Ron Katzenelson
Film Editor: Ronit Kertsner
Original Music: Jonatan Bar-Giora
Sound Editor: Sharon Shama
Production: Belfilms

About the director: Ron Ofer worked as a writer, Director and film Producer and is graduated at The Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, in Jerusalem. He wrote the Screenplay for the critically acclaimed portrait Citizen Nawi; he produced the chilling but engrossing Pursued; but it is his work with and about the Haredi in his trilogy Haredim and other films such as After All You are Just a Guest that has recently absorbed a lot of his time and focus. The trilogy, each of which can be viewed separately: Gevald!, The Rabbi’s Daughter & the Midwife, and enables the Ultra-Orthodox community to tell its own story, of its efforts to face the challenges and influences of a Jewish secular state and the modern, western culture that threatens to engulf them.