Nor Seed Nor Bark

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Will Martins / Brasil / 2013
Documentário / Digital, 100 min

Synopsis: A highway in the countryside of Maranhão unites the residents of six quilombolas communities. Having as a starting point the city of Viana, "Nem caroço nem casca" features the daily life of these villages, linked by the same history of slavery and struggle, where family, education, religion, culture and love are tools of resistance.

Film Credits:
Director: Will Martins
Screenplay: Will Martins
Cinematography: Gustavo Camarão Bordallo
Producers: Alex Lima, Carol Gesser e Cíntia Domit Bittar
Soundtrack: Luiz Gayotto
Soundtrack Producers: Alfredo Bello e Luiz Gayotto
Production Companies: Novelo Filmes e Ong Me Ensina, Glóbulo Célula Criativa

About the director: Will Martins is a Director, Producer, screenwriter (with emphasis on scriptdoctor) and assistant Director. He studied cinema at the University of Southern Santa Catarina, starting his work with audiovisual in 2004. Held institutional work as Director of production and creation assistant in recent years to the Ministries of Agrarian Development, Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger and Education Movement Base.