Memento Mori


Daniela Wayllace / Bolivia / 2012
Animação / Digital, 10 min

Synopses: In a mourning ceremony the photographer takes a picture of a little girl. With contrite faces, the attendees leave the room filled with flowers. Little by little we approach the girl and recoup her memories and the universe of death.

Film Credits:
Director: Daniela Wayllace
Screenplay: Daniela Wayllace
Producer: Vincent Gilot
Art Director: Daniela Wayllace
Soundtrack: Alejandro Rivas Cottle
Animation: Daniela Wayllace
Special Effects: Daniela Wayllace
Editor: Alejandra Aguilar Catalan

About the director: Born in 1979, Daniela Wayllace is a multidisciplinary belgian artist. Her practice embraces animation, drawing and etching. Her work is diverse though thematically linked.