Pahela Baishak, the Bengali New Year


Ahmed Muztaba Zamal / Bangladesh / 2011
Documentário / Digital, 30 min

Synopsis: Pahela Baishak, the Bengali New Year festivity depicts the secular syncretistic cultural tradition of Bengal. On that day the people everywhere, from the capital city of Dhaka to the small townships and villages in the far flung corner of the land, joins in a festivity which is not confined to any particular religion or sect or belief.

Film Credits:
Director: Ahmed Muztaba Zamal
Research and Script: Saymon Zakaria
Chef Assistant Director : Farid Ahmad
Producer: Faridur Reza Sagor
Editing: Mohammad Romel, Hamed Kibria, Farid Ahmad

About the director: Mr. Ahmed Muztaba Zamal is a Bengali film director and president of the Dhaka International Film Festival. In 2006 he directed the documentary Sattyer Gahiney (Truth and Beyond) in which he explores the theme of "popular Islam" in the Bengali culture.