Neither Day Neither Night


Roderick Steel / 2010 / Brasil
Documentário / Digital, 9 min

Synopsis: 'Yewá', goddess of love and death, is the most mysterious and unknown of all deities. Seven women initiated in traditional terreiros of São Paulo and in the terreiro Gantois in Salvador, talk about possession and dreams with the goddess. It creates a bridge between the invisible world that these daughters-of-saint visiting temporarily in a trance, and the visible world of cinema.

Film Credits
Director: Roderick Steel
Cinematography: Roderick Steel
Sound Mix: Daniel Moretti
Art direction: Roderick Steel
Editor: Roderick Steel

About the director: Aged 21, fresh out of film school at Boston University, Roderick worked on documentaries at WGBH-Boston, then Channel 4 and Tapiri productions in São Paulo. Throughout the last 15 years, Roderick has exhibited his paintings, photos and installations extensively. Recently, his artist’s videos have been exhibited in art & film festivals in Brazil and abroad and he recently won Best Brazilian Video at the 2010 Festival.